Photography 2020 – Garden: “Tieve Tara, Mount Macedon, Victoria – Australia” Written and Photographed by Karen Robinson

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“Photography:  Painting and Drawing with Light”




Gardens of Tieve Tara, Mount Macedon, Victoria – Australia.  Camera Settings:  Exposure 1/90 sec at f/16, Focal Length 24mm, ISO 100, Camera Make Sony – Model ILCE-7M2, Lens FE 24-240mm F3.5-6.3 OSS and developed image in Lightroom Classic.




We are living in a strange time in history.  The coronavirus has, is and will continue to influence how we go about our daily lives for some time to come!  For hubby and me, its only a matter of staying at home until otherwise advised except for medical needs, food requirements and daily walks around our neighbourhood.  We know we are fortunate but at highrisk being over the age of 65 years of age now – so no photography adventures outside our garden and house until further notice from our Australian government.

Our Craigieburn Camera Club has been helping us photographers stay active by giving us a weekly task to achieve.  This week we had to find a photograph from our archives and see if we could make improvements, or find one we may have overlooked and develop.  As I was scrolling through my Lightroom Classic Catalogue I came across the above photograph which I had overlooked back in 2018. The colourful autumn garden scene brought back many memories about my our photography adventures around Mount Macedon and we hope to return one day soon to reappreciate its stunning beauty.



During this photography adventure – I used a compact system camera, a Sony A7 Mark II – Full Frame with a Sony A FE24-240mm F3.5-6.3 OSS lens. Also used a Right Angle L Plate Bracket for my camera so that I could turn it to do portraits or landscape photographs more easily which worked a treat.  I use a BH-40 Ballhead for my tripod which helps make taking my photographs not just easier but much more enjoyable. During these photography adventures, I use an Apple iPhone 8 Plus mobile phone for quick spontaneous photographs and to ensure I gain GPS location readings.



Being out-and-about experiencing the natural wonders of the world and the creatures it inhabits – really does rejuvenate the body and soul. But over the months to come – these adventures will need to be put on hold.  It will be a time to discover home photography – perhaps Macro!  Photography is just another way to improve one’s sense of wellbeing and at the same time – be creative!

Happy photography all – © Karen Robinson – April 2020



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POST-TRAUMATIC GROWTH:  Improving one’s sense of wellbeing using art, creative writing, photography, blogging and motivational speaking – my journey written by ©Karen Robinson.  Please click here for my latest blog news!

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