Photography 2021 – Street/Documentary: “Melbourne City, Victoria – Australia” Written and Photographed by Karen Robinson

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It was time for me to revisit the genre of street photography .  While I truly enjoy undertaking Landscape, Seascape and other genres of photography, I just needed to look for more!  In Melbourne, Victoria – Australia we are currently able to go out-and-about our daily business with only having to wear masks while inside public venues. We are definitely fortunate for sure when compared with most other parts of the world.  But due to some COVID-19 business restrictions, the city of Melbourne was relatively quiet when compared to a year or so ago.  This did allow for me to perhaps be able to take photographs that show off the surroundings more fully without the streets and lanes being overcrowded.  An outcome I wasn’t expecting.  The photographs below were taken on two separate occasions.  Street Photography is very different from some other genres of photography because as a photographer, you need to be more spontaneous. I had to rethink my camera settings to ensure I didn’t miss any shots, and also accept the fact that my ISO would be much higher.  Thus perhaps introducing more ‘noise’ in the images.  What I understand about Street Photography is that it is not about perfection, it’s about story telling!  So hopefully over time I will be able to fine tune my approach. Overall I was pleased with these images and found the whole process enjoyable and will continue to include this genre in my photography adventures.


Above Photography:  The above street photography image was taken in one of Melbourne’s iconic lanes – Degraves Street.  The summer morning was beautiful and the temperature just right for walking around casually through this area of the city. On the left of the image above, a family are enjoying a breakfast together.  The younger female is placing their order with the waiter, the young child sitting on the chair with her legs folded up is looking down towards two small birds pecking at crumbs on the ground.  In the back ground, Flinders Street Station can be seen, and to the left – two women are going about their business.


Above Photography:  This above street photography image taken again on Degraves Street features this beautiful young woman.  She is busy listening to music on her iPod.  I just love a number of things about this image.  It’s the one shoulder bare, the shirt hanging off one arm, the shoe laces on the boots undone and tangled, the beautiful brown tones of her skin and clothing, and how the lighting rests on her face.


Above Photograph:  This street photography image above again taken in Degraves Street.  What attracted me to this scene was the hearts on the window at first.  Then I saw the woman in the window, gazing out with her hands arched under her chin.  The hearts even appeared to be emerging from perhaps her daydreaming as she stopped here at this cafe ‘Little Cupcakes’ to have a coffee.  The young man position just outside in a pinkish T-shirt, busily reading a newspaper while enjoying a coffee seemed to complete this story.  The pink, white, cream and coffee colour tones also attached me to stop and take this image.


Above Photograph:  This street photography image above was taken in Centre Place which follows on from Degraves Street. After reviewing this image back at home, I decided to make it a black and white image.  This I feel helped to simplify the focus of the image being the young man sitting at a cafe. Once again the lane was unusually quiet due to COVID-19 business trading restrictions.  The young man was fully engaged in reading some documents. I also liked the fact he was surrounded by words. I felt it seemed that is was his special quiet place. The light and shadows on the street and angular lines draws the viewer down into the image to a waiter busily going about his duties.


Above Photograph:  These street photography images above are at the busy end of Degraves Street where all the cafes are located.  It’s a favourite spot for couples to come and have wedding photographs taken.  After getting back home and viewing the images more closely, I decided to do one showing the whole street story which includes other people and waiters and also the makeup artist standing on the right near the bride.  And one where it was much more intimate with just the bride and groom drinking their coffee.  The lighting was soft and beautiful the way it fell onto the bride’s face and gown. I love how the groom is looking towards her – young love.


Above Photograph:  This street photography image above was taken from Centre Place.  There is a new area (new to me) where people can stop and have a cigarette.  It’s lined with Street Art and one metal seat and a cigarette bin.  You wouldn’t notice it at all unless you were especially looking for it.  So it was no surprise that I didn’t notice the woman on the seat at first, just noticed the travel bag resting on the ground.  Then I spotted her, quietly gazing down the lane, smoking her cigarette and resting. Taking a person moment it felt like to me.


Above Photographs:  These street photography images here where taken on the weekend before the others here within this collection.  It was a rainy morning and everything was wet which was a bonus as it helped saturate the colours in the images.  One was taken at the top of Hosier Lane. The warm yellow/orange window light beaming out into the street seemed to give life to the image.  The other image was taken at the top of Higson Lane.  The wet cobble stones and street with the greenish walls and street art, the bins with colourful lids, and the solo city walker with mask seemed to create a moody morning lane image.


Above Photograph:  This street photography image above was taken on the corner of Elizabeth Street and Flinders Lane. In front of the pedestrians, a small silver car be seen.  Behind that is one of Melbourne’s iconic trams brightly painted.  Another appears to the right just coming into focus.  A shop window reflection to the right helps create further interest.  The lighting works well with the top and bottom in darkness and the street in full sunlight.  Each of the pedestrians have a different stance.  The man looking straight ahead with his hands in his pockets, the middle woman standing with her weight on one leg and bag over her shoulder, and the woman on far right has long blond hair, legs together, dress and hair gently blowing in the breeze.



Photography is just another way to improve one’s sense of wellbeing and at the same time – be creative. Being out-and-about experiencing the wonders of the world and the creatures it inhabits is a real privilege for sure. It really does rejuvenate the body and soul.

Happy photography all – © Karen Robinson – January 2021

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    • Hi Ian, thank you and I must say am enjoying the idea of doing more street/documentary photography in the years to come. At first I thought I would find it uncomfortable but this has not been the case thankfully. In a big city such as Melbourne, there are so many opportunities to capture images and their stories. Another form of photography adventure for sure… Thank you once more…warm regards Karen


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