Very Inspiring Blogger Award Nominee – Shout Outs – “Keeping the Blogosphere a beautiful place…”

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It is just so good when others doing the same thing, recognise and appreciate your efforts.  So this above award nomination is about just that – the recognition from other bloggers whom value and appreciate the blogging efforts of others within the blogosphere. So a very, very big thank you to reneweddesign “On the Rocks” for the nomination – it is greatly appreciated and valued as a sign that I must be doing something right!



To help share this compliment throughout the blogosphere,  the rules for the award are:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog
  • Display the award on your post
  • List award rules so your nominee’s will know what to do
  • State 7 things about yourself
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award
  • Contact your nominees to let them know you have nominated them and provide a link to your post
  • Proudly display the award logo (or buttons) on your blog, whether in your side bar, ABOUT page or a special page for award’s



It is also requested that 7 things are written about the reciprocant of the award and here are mine:

  1. I started my weblog in April 2014.
  2. It’s about my art and creative writing journey with the hope that by sharing will inspire others to take up art and creative writing as a form of therapy to improve one’s wellbeing.
  3. I turn 60 years old this coming April 2015 and this must mean I am now going to be in my ‘infancy of old age’!
  4. Family is very important to me, especially after losing my son in a single vehicle crash in 2009.
  5. I am very passionate about my blogging and really enjoy the process of putting together a new blog each week.
  6. I live in Melbourne, Australia which is considered as one of the most livable cities in the world and I feel very fortunate to be able to live here.
  7. I try to find joy in each and every day – no matter how small a joy it might be!



In order to return the compliment, we are required to nominated 15 other bloggers for this award. There have been many bloggers whom I feel deserve this acknowledement but I decided to nominate those who had taken the time out to make a comment on my home page and share their throughts with me. These bloggers nominated below, have in some way, been an inspiration to me within the blogosphere and I thank them sincerely.   My nominees are:

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  10. “Beverly Dyer” –
  11. “Gena Semenov” –
  12. “Pluan Designs” –
  13. “Searchingtosee” –
  14. “Artinstructor” –
  15. “My Creative Ways” –



Thank you once again to reneweddesign “On the Rocks” for thinking of me and hopefully by doing the same for others whom have in some way improved my blogging experience will also enjoy the compliment and help keep the “blogosphere a beautiful place”…


Whilst you are here – please check out my home page!  My Art Therapy JourneyA window into the soul of an Abstract Artist through art therapy and storytellingby Karen Robinson