Painting 45C – Title “The Loss of Our Son Ben” by Abstract Artist Karen Robinson – 2010 All images are protected by copyright laws!

Painting No. 45C – Title “The Loss of Our Son Ben” Jan/June 2010
Acrylic on Canvas
91cms Length x 91cms Wide x 3cms Deep
Painting Story: This painting was all about the loss of our son. The deep grief of this loss and the terrible emptiness felt by us. How we felt that without Ben we were left with nothing of his future. No hope, no marriage, no children of his, no heritage of our son forthcoming. As parents the loss of our only son is unrecoverable. There is only the past we have of him which we will cherish forever but no present and no future…
I was only hoping by painting this that young people could understand more fully about the issues of “drinking and driving”. Our son was just like any other young man who was trying to make a life for himself. But tragically Ben was not able to continue on with his. Hopefully we may be able to save a young person’s life by sharing our son’s tragedy.
Abstract Artist: Karen Robinson
NB: All images are protected by copyright laws!

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