Painting No. 58 – Title ‘A State of Mind’ Dec 2014 – by Abstract Artist Karen Robinson NB All images are protected by copyright laws

Painting No. 58 – Title ‘A State of Mind’ Dec 2014
Acrylic on Canvas
100cms Length x 100cms Wide x 3cms Deep
Painting Story: This painting was inspired by a sketch I did during an art therapy session August 2014. During the session our art therapy facilitator asked us to sketch within 5mins about ‘how we feel right now’. My life, my state of mind right at that moment was best described as being more ‘cup half full’ as opposed to being half empty during earlier years. The bright yellow is representative of sunny feelings; the blue and green colours representing cooler feelings and emotions; the orange and red being representative of rage and/or being upset; and lastly the black is representative of the loss of my son and the sorrowful feelings I have which will never go away. During my art therapy session, I explained that my sketch and now in this painting, once turned upside-down, is representative of some days where it is not all sunny, they can be dark and looming such as the early years after the loss of my son; but these kind of days were few and far between now, as it had been nearly five years on since the loss of my son Ben in 2009, being that it was August 2014 at the time the sketch was done. Within the painting its self, I created scaffolding type lines in black which signifies how my daily life, months, and years can be complicated by depression and anxiety. But I am in a much better place now than I have been…my wellbeing has improved greatly with the use of art and creative writing therapy.
NB: All images are protected by copyright laws!
Abstract Artist: Karen Robinson

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