Art as Therapy – Does it make you better?

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It is interesting to dwell on what is ‘art therapy’ or putting it differently, can we use ‘art as therapy’.  Meaning, we don’t need to produce it ourselves alone, to gain a therapeutic benefit but we can be a viewer of someone else’s art work and come away with a different prospective, we can be enlightened, and we can be enriched from such an experience with art.  In being able to do this, we need more help with being able to understand the meaning of the art work!  The meaning intended by the artist firstly and most importantly, I feel…

Painting No. 45F - Title "A Fractured Life" by Abstract Artist Karen Robinson - 2012 NB: All images are protection by copyright laws!

Painting No. 45F – Title “A Fractured Life” Feb/Oct 2012
– by Abstract Artist: Karen Robinson NB: All images are protection by copyright laws!

NB:  To view the above painting and it’s painting story, please click on here

Alain de Botton of The School of Life, in his video ‘Art as Therapy’ talks about how we should make a start to use art to “elevate our sorrows, bring us hope, give us courage” and use art as “a resource, a living resource, that is there for our hearts and not an academic or historical exercise” (Alain de Botton. December 3, 2013). He argues that art can be used to help us with our inner most problems of the soul (Alain de Botton. 2013). From my own experience, this has been the case and can be well appreciated within my abstract painting stories.

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