Photography 2017 – Landscape: “Daylesford Region” Written and Photographed by Karen Robinson

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“Photography:  Painting and Drawing with Light”







The aim of this travel and photography adventure was to revisit the region of Daylesford.  It was a beautiful winter’s day and the drive through Victoria’s countryside invigorating!  My husband and I – only had a day to see a few locations of note which were the township of Daylesford itself where we stopped for lunch, then to Mount Franklin, Lake Jubilee and lastly to Trentham Falls.  This was a big-enough day for us, and I managed to capture some noteworthy photographs which made me happy.  But most importantly, we had a lovely day together driving and walking through natural Australian bush-land. During our travels we discovered breathtaking expansive views looking out and across farmlands from Mount Franklin, a forest of tall slender Birch trees at the top of Mount Franklin, water birds on Lake Jubilee, actual water running over and down Trentham Falls – all achieved while we embraced the glorious weather that Victoria had to offer!







During this landscape photography  exercise – I used a compact system camera, a Sony A7 Mark II – Full Frame with a Sony A FE24-240mm F3.5-6.3 OSS Lense. For some of the shots, I used the camera hand-held, and for others, I used the camera mounted on a tripod with a remote timer.  Each photography adventure helps me learn more and more about my camera and lense; and also hopefully helps me becoming a better photographer. I also used my Samsung Galaxy S6 mobile phone for quick spontaneous photographs and gain GPS location readings.







On my return home, I downloaded all the photographs into Adobe Lightroom 6.  I developed a small selection of photographs During the process of developing them I was able to see what I needed to address during my next photographic adventure.   Please find both above and below the best of what I took during this travel and photography adventure!


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Being out and about experiencing the natural wonders of the world really does rejuvenate the body and soul.  Photography is just another way I can improve my sense of wellbeing and at the same time – be creative!  It definitely works for me and once more we finished up our day in high spirits…

Happy photography all!







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© Karen Robinson – June 2017

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I Do Art Discussion No. 12 – “A Bird of Paradise”

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‘I Do Art Discussion’ series features and discusses in-depth, particular abstract paintings produced by myself.  Previous ‘I Do Art Discussions’ can be found here.  My goal/desire is to give the viewer of my art work the back story; meaning an artist’s reflection on what was the inspiration behind the art work itself; and hopefully help guide the viewer to a place of deeper understanding and appreciation of the art work featured.

This particular abstract painting no. 38  I titled “A Bird of Paradise” – acrylic on canvas, as shown above was completed in September 2009.  It is 100cms in length and 115cms wide by 3cms deep.  The painting was inspired by the ‘Bird of Paradise’ Strelitzia Reginae that my husband had planted out into pots and then placed on our back paving garden area, as featured in the image of our garden below.

When we first moved to this home, there was no garden, just bare soil and it is to my husband’s credit that over 10 years he has created this garden wonderland.  Much of it was created from cuttings and plants given to use by my husband’s father. Sadly his father died suddenly in 2008. The pots of bird of paradise were from his father’s garden originally and are now growing happily in our garden.

During my husband’s recovery from Chemotherapy in 2009/2010, he spent small amounts of time in the garden planting; which helped him feel better about life.  This featured painting titled ‘A Bird of Paradise’ represents the beauty of my husband’s gentle inner soul.  He has been and is – a wonderful soul mate over the course of our 30 years plus of marriage.  Our garden is a place of peace and hope.  A quiet place to potter and tender to mother earth.  My husband has been my “Bird of Paradise” in my life and the source of my inspiration for this painting…

Footnote:  The Bird-of-Paradise (Strelitzia) are native to South Africa and are much-loved in Australian Gardens and in our home garden Melbourne, Australia. They are a tough plant that can withstand our Australian droughts. The variety grown in our garden is called Strelitzia Reginae and features striking orange and blue flowers with tropical looking leaves.

Kew Royal Botanic Gardens states “the bird-of-paradise flower, or crane flower as it is sometimes known, was first introduced into Britain in 1773 by Sir Joseph Banks, then the unofficial director of the Royal Gardens at Kew (as they were known at the time).  He named the exotic-looking plant Strelitzia in honour of Queen Charlotte, wife of George III and Duchess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, who lived at Kew for many years” (Kew Royal Botanic Gardens. 2014).

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