Creative Writing – December 2015 “Merry Christmas it well be!” by Karen Robinson

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Creative writing and simple ink drawings have become a part of my art for therapy process.  I have found that these activities, practiced regularly, help to ensure I maintain a good sense of wellbeing.



Being near Christmas Day, a day where through my entire life has been marked as a special day, I decided to write a piece for said.  As a child, there were many years where we had little to no money to spare but there was always something special for each of us in the way of a gift on Christmas day.  My creative writing piece below is a summing up of what Christmas has become for me now that I am in my early 60’s.

Title:  ‘Merry Christmas it well be!’

“I cannot help but become a little sentimental around Christmas time. It’s a time I think about my family, about how it was when I was a child, how it was when my son was alive and how it is now. I went shopping the other day with my dear, sweet daughter where we purchased Christmas gifts for her father, her husband, for me and I for her. It didn’t seem necessary to think of purchasing gifts for any others, other than a gift I had already purchased for her elderly grandmother. Kris Kringle is a ‘no goer’ this year, just because it seemed unimportant to buy small, inexpensive gifts that wouldn’t be best suited for the receiver and therefore put aside and never used. I guess we are lucky; no… I know we are fortunate, compared to many others, out in the wider world, who barely can feed themselves, or put a roof over their heads, or have any decent clothes to wear, let alone be able to educate themselves, or their children, or even be able to gain good health-assistance, or find gainful, meaningful employment. So it doesn’t seem right to do anything else other than count our blessings. So Christmas time for me is a time to share with loved ones, and to come together for just a short while and reconnect as families. To remember those who are no longer with us, in a way that respects our memory of them. To be grateful for being able to just do that – in a safe and secure environment, where Christmas lunch is plentiful and where within our homes, our country, there resides a degree of certainty about tomorrow.

To all….a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and sincerely wishing you all the very best…wherever you are!”

Karen Robinson © October 2015



These particular paintings/art works are produced in a quick and spontaneous manner and is unlike my other painting method – which is planned and takes many, many hours to complete.  I enjoy both methods!




Once again to all….a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and sincerely wishing you all the very best…wherever you are!”


© Karen Robinson, December 2015

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