Art Therapy: “La Trobe’s Art Therapy Masterclass & Workshop Day’ Written and Photographed by Karen Robinson

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Recently a friend and I attended the La Trobe’s ‘Art Therapy Masterclass and Workshop Day‘ at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), Melbourne – Australia.  The first of the public lectures covered: ‘The wellbeing effects of participating in art making – what the evidence tells us’ presented by Dr Patricia Fenner – art therapist, course coordinator, Master Art Therapy.  The second public lecture ‘Children and youth – building supportive self-care strategies using art’ was presented by Ms Vicky Nicholls – art therapist, psychotherapist, lecturer.  Meeting Vicky again brought back memories of the time I attended Mind Australia’s Art Therapy Group Sessions for Carers of loved ones with mental health issues where Vicky facilitated the art therapy group sessions.






We got to participant in one of the workshops which explored issues such as ‘Who is an artist? Looking at the social currency around the term and identity, challenging the norms’.  This particular workshop was ran by Dr Libby Byrne – art therapist, artist, lecturer and researcher, Master Art Therapy.



Below here is a photograph of my efforts playing with the kinetic sand.  It was a fun and meaning-full way of being able to engage in storytelling, work through feelings and emotions in a safe, supportive environment.



Below here, beginning with a blank piece of paper and taking the time to create as we thought about the meaning of being an artist!






Afterwards we took ourselves into see an exhibition adjoining the lecture centre featuring the work of Yayoi Kusama – most celebrated living Japanese artist and other amazing artists.





Art Therapy and Creative Writing Therapy really does work, and so important, as it helps people regain their sense of wellbeing, and helps support their loved ones as well.

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© Karen Robinson – March 2018

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Melbourne: Northcote “Street Art” Photo Stories No. 1 – Photographed by Karen Robinson

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During this series of ‘Melbourne Street Art Photo Story weblogs’ I will endeavour to share my personal discovery of Melbourne’s Street Art.  Whilst there is much available to view in the way of images on the web, I hope I can offer a point of difference.  I will be inviting you to productively contribute your opinions and knowledge, in a way that is respectful to the Street Artists featured, and in a way that will add value to this conversation. Please click here to take you to my web page which features my “introductory story” and view other featured Melbourne Street Art works photographed by me, as I discover them…

Melbourne:  Northcote – “Street Art” Photo Stories No. 1 – Photographed by Karen Robinson


I came across this Street Artist’s work on the corner of High Street and Mitchell Street, Northcote, Melbourne, Australia.  It is set on the side of a shop building which has a long side wall, ideal for such art work.  The positioning of the Street Art work is well placed, just behind a transparent bus shelter, within a side street leading to Santa Maria College and public/disabled toilets; and just down from a frequented coffee shop.  Lots of Northcote’s community members would regular use this travel route which ensures this Street Artist’s work gains lots of exposure.

The Street Art work its self, for me, was striking as it grabbed my attention as I was travelling along High Street in my car.  On taking a closer look when photographing, I found the inclusion of the different animals and the bird delightful, especially the upside-down zebra.  The expanse of the bird’s wings and clawed feet, approaching a landing or ready to grasp its prey, was well-defined. I particularly loved the colour choices of this Street Artist – beautiful blue/green colour against the blacks and greys.  I am sure that this Street Artists work has added to this community’s street scape in a very positive way and given them something to gaze upon and wonder…

I hope you enjoyed viewing this Street Artist’s work, please feel free to leave comments that are respectful to the Street Artist and add value to the conversation…Karen

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