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“Marvel at times that go well…and waste

no despair when they don’t!”

Happy thoughts all!

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I Do Art Discussion No. 15 – “Road to a New Life…”

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My ‘art as therapy’ journey has allowed me to explore ways of being able to endear feelings, thoughts and emotions about family members dearest to me into my abstract paintings.  During 2010, I had painted a series of paintings which were done with my darling dear daughter in mind.  In the year before, 2009 Nov 5 her brother, my son had been killed in a single vehicle car crash.  Much of my paintings over this period of time had been about the loss of my son, about my grief and despair.  It was hard to think about anything else at that time in our family lives.

During 2009/2010 my daughter and her then partner, now husband were building their new home; building a new life for themselves to share together.  I decided to do a series of paintings for my daughter; below is the first in this series.  I needed to paint with joy in my heart instead of grief and despair.  Painting for my daughter was a joyful experience and helped me to look forward into the future.  Another example how ‘art as therapy’ helped me in my journey.


PAINTINGS No. 47A & 47B – Title “Road to a New Life” Acrylic on Canvas  April/June 2010  90cms Length x 50cms Wide x 3cms Deep each



This painting represents the new estate where my daughter and her now husband were building their new home, which has since been completed. The linings on the painting are the estate roads, leading up and into where they live.  Like a lot of new estates to begin with, there is not much to see except new roads and bare plots of land awaiting home constructions. Their new home was very symbolic of new beginnings together as a couple.  They had worked very had at their work and careers; worked hard at saving money and worked through very difficult times during the process of building their home.  Our daughter during these times had to deal with the knowledge her father had cancer and would need to have chemotherapy and thankfully now, in 2014 – is in full remission.  She also had to deal with the sudden and tragic death of her brother.  During this period of time she had also been training and studying. It is a real credit to her that she was able to find the strength and courage to keep herself on track over the these very difficult years.  We are now in 2014 and both my daughter and her husband have done well for themselves – I am so proud and pleased for them…



The Matisse Paint colours I chose to use for this painting, were heavily influenced by what I understand to be some of my daughter’s most favourite colours.  The earthy colours are a direct link to the colour of bare, just freshly turned dark rick soil, being the plots of land awaiting housing construction.  The grey representing newly made roads leading into the new estate.  The blue is one of my daughter’s favourites and it also is representative of the expansive beautiful, big blue sky that can be seen within the region where the estate is being established – just outside of Melbourne, Victoria – Australia.  The fine bands of silver and gold running across the paintings are representative of the wealth of goodness I find in my daughter…in her soul and heart.



Painting for my daughter at this particular period of time in my life 2010 was an important moment.  I was looking to find hope and a way to find joy again in life.  My daughter became this beacon of light and as it should be…thank you my darling, dear daughter….


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