Melbourne: Thornbury “Street Art” Photo Stories No. 3 – Photographed by Karen Robinson

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During this series of ‘Melbourne Street Art Story Weblogs’  I will endeavour to share my personal discovery of Melbourne’s Street Art.  Whilst there is much available to view in the way of images on the web, I hope I can offer a point of difference.  I will be inviting you to productively contribute your opinions and knowledge, in a way that is respectful to the Street Artists featured, and in a way that will add value to this conversation. Please click here to take you to my weblog page which features my “introductory story” and view other featured Melbourne Street Art works photographed by me, as I discover them…

Melbourne:  Thornbury – “Street Art” Photo Story No. 3 – Photographed by Karen Robinson


I found this Artist’s work Lin Van Hek on the front of Poet House Studio Gallery, 736 High Street, Thornbury, Melbourne, Australia.  On researching this artist, I came across an incredible story. On the 3rd May 2013 Lin Van Hek opened an exhibition at her Poet House Studio Gallery.  It was called “Lost Women of Melbourne Exhibition” and was about unsolved murders and missing women of Melbourne. Formerly – this Studio Gallery was a bookshop once owned by a women named Maria James and in 1980 was murdered at this location.  Maria James had been stabbed 68 times and her violent assailant has never been caught.

The Artist’s work on the outside of her building, I am sorry I cannot shed any further light on its meaning.  Although if you look at Lin Van Hek Gallery you will find that some her art work features similar portrait styling.  Also you will also find curious animals and birds.

For me, this street art had a warm and inviting message.  The faces, being as large are a person on the wall, really made them stand out from the shop front wall and very visible as you drive along the street its self.  The inclusion of the cats and the rabbit is playful and cute.  I love the colour choices and especially the blues…

I hope you enjoyed viewing this Street Art, please feel free to leave comments that are respectful to the Street Artist and add value to the conversation…Karen Robinson

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