What is ART? – It enriches your soul and gets you thinking!

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I want the share this video with you. When I firstly watched it, I was so taken by the freshness of these artists’ take on what art is!  Each of their statements resonated with my own personal experience of what art has been and has become for me.  It was not until I got to delving into the details of the video further that I realized that these participants of said, are actually theatre artists and not painters.  I was surprised that what they had to say about “what is art?” from their perspectives as theatre artists, rang just as true to me as an abstract painter; so much so that I felt it was a good summation to share!

These are their words about “what is ART?”….
“art is an agent of change”; “anything that highlights life”; “they know it’s an art form when it has a story – when it speaks to them”; “art is an expression of the soul”; “the product of the reaction to something you love”; “and passion”; “and anything in-between”; “it’s the highest form of language”; “it’s got to be honest”; “a vehicle for expressing your thoughts, your emotions”; “we can’t keep it, we need to share it”; “if it’s not shared – it’s just a work of a crazy person”; “for me art is important because it makes you think”; “I like the idea of creating something out of nothing”; “think about how to improve your own life and the lives of others”; “to have something in the world that exists that affects people”; “it is what allows us to feel”; “without it we are nothing more than robots”; “just rocks”; “if you don’t have art – you merely exist”; “art draws out the humanity”; “art elevates existence into something else”; “we are able to inspire and move people into action”; “it’s your way of sharing and giving back to the people”; “without art life would be boring”; “everyone should have some sense of creativity in their lives”; “it is not beautiful without art”; “if you have a point of view your are an artist”; “an artist is someone who sees things that no one else sees”; “with the mindset of moving the society forward”; “anyone could be an artist as long as you are honest”; “courageous”; “art makes you sensitive to things around you”; “to allow growth in our lives”; “a reflection of the beliefs and the desires”; “it pushes me to improve everyday”; “makes me appreciate all the little things”; and “art is everything”.

This video campaign is produced by Mayk Juat, Jake Macapagal, Pam Imperial and directed by Mayk Juat and the Cinematography by Nix Lanas. They state that it “aims to take a closer look on how the arts can be applicable to our lives” and is “expressed by those who live, breathe and LOVE it – the Filipino Artists” (What is ART – maARTe ako, 11 Jul 2011).

Spoken by Theatre Artists:- Robbie Guevara Actor/Director; Ana Abad Santos Actress; Carlos Canlas Actor/Singer; Stephanie Reese Actress/Singer; Joel Trinidad Actor/Playwright; Reuben Uy Theatre Actor; Bea Garcia Actress; Casisa Borromeo Actress; Jake Macapagal Actor; Jenny Jamora I’m a Human Being; Topper Fabregas Ma ART e ako; Pam Imperial Ma ART e ako; Raul Montesa Ma ART e ako; Astarte Abraham Ma ART e ako; Teresa Herrera Ma ART e ako; Kakki Teodoro Ma ART e ako; and JM Rodriguez.

Juat. M., Macapagal. J., Imperial. P. (2011, July 11). What is ART? – maARTe ako. YouTube. Retrieved May 18, 2014 from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjuV7SA6fj4

Whilst you are here – please check out my my home page!  I hope you will continue to join on my art therapy journey…Karen Robinson


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