I Do Art Discussion No. 8 – “Single Images as Abstract Digital Photo Paintings”

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Part of my “art for therapy” journey has not just involved abstract painting on canvas with acrylic paints; it has also involved taking photos and spending time digitally manipulating them to create an altered imagery.  I have spent a lot of time, over the course of time, going through my photos, finding little gems of images, cropping the image and then altering its brightness, contrast and colour.  Some of these images, I would then completely abstract by using a Windows program called ‘Paint’.  Whilst this program is not very sophisticated, I did find using it a very therapeutic endeavour and gained some satisfying results.

This first set of images below, come from a single photo I had taken whilst attending the Melbourne Cup at Flemington Racecourse 2008.  I had taken a photo of a young lady who was waiting with a group of other young ladies, whom were about to have their Melbourne Cup outfits judged, for the “Fashions on the Field”.  The image of her below has been greatly cropped and digitally manipulated.  The two following images in this first set, are the same image of this young lady but using the Windows program ‘Paint’ to create an abstract look!  The same process was used with the following sets of images.

Whilst the original photos had been taken during November 2008, it was over many months onwards that I worked on many photos creating single digital photo paintings and collage digital photo paintings.  It was a very therapeutic process which became essential to me.  My husband had been diagnosed with Lymphoma January 2009 and was under going chemotherapy treatment and I became his carer during the following 12 months.  It was a very difficult time in our lives and during my spare time in the evenings, I would work on these creations.  It was all engrossing and helped me clear my mind of all my worries, for a least a small amount of time, each day – art for therapy in action…

Whilst you are here – please check out my home page!  My Art Therapy JourneyA window into the soul of an Abstract Artist through art therapy and storytellingby Karen Robinson

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