Art Therapy Group Session 4 of 7 – “Using Music To Inspire The Artist Within!”

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The scene was set for our Art Therapy Group Session 4 with a back drop of beautiful music.  We were first asked to sit quietly and just listen to the music, then close our eyes and visualise the music in images and colours to help inspire us to create an individual piece of art. We were then instructed to open our eyes and gather up our art materials and commence…

So with a small sheet of butcher paper, acrylic paints and a charcoal stick, off I went!  My art piece was inspired by the rhythm and joyfulness of the music and how it made me feel.  I decided to use a small roller to apply the paint to the surface as I had never used a roller before and really enjoy the freedom it gave me to push around the paint; in motion with the music.  The colours I chose were favourites of mine; brilliant orange, bright sky blue, metallic gold, silver and then black for some definition. Then I took to using the charcoal stick to edge some of the rolled lines; it was another art item that I had never used before.  It was easy to emerse myself into the music and the art – gave me a great sense of being in another world, a world without any other thoughts, emotions other than what was at hand – the music and the art.  This process, I found very calming and enjoyable; most of the other group members seemed to have enjoyed the experience as well.

After finishing off our individual art works, we layed then on the floor in front of us.  Each one of us in turn, talked about our painting results; what it meant to us and how did the music impact us during this process. It was interesting to note that all members of the group had mostly happy stories to recall and it was clear that this particular ‘Art Therapy Session – using music to inspire the artist within’ was a joyful experience and perhaps unlike some of the others where deeply personal and sometimes sad emotions had surfaced during a session.

We were then asked to participate in a group effort to produce one single piece of art work. The art therapist layed out a single stretch of butcher paper along a number of tables so that we could all have the opportunity to walk around the entire circumference of it.  Without words and with the beautiful music playing in the background, we went about creating a group painting.  Quietly and studiously, each of use went about creating our part of the painting.  At the end of the time frame given to complete our group effort, we were asked to share what we experienced throughout the process.  For me, I found it more fun than what I thought it would be!  Whilst at first, I was a little apprehensive to paint over another’s efforts, I found it liberating once I had decided to let go and just do!  I didn’t think that I would enjoy this process because, it would mean it would require of me to share with others an art expression; but it was strangely liberating and fun.

This ‘Art Therapy Group Session’ 4 was different from the other three for me because it was not as confronting.  Not confronting in the sense that I was not having to challenge some deeply embedded thoughts and emotions.  It felt like a little Siesta midway though our Art Therapy Group Sessions, which was greatly appreciated by me and very much enjoyed by most of the group members.  In summary I would say that the inclusion of delightful music with the process of making art, offers a reprieve and aids improving one’s sense of well-being – this is what I found on this day…

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