Melbourne: Thornbury “Street Art” Photo Stories No. 2 – Photographed by Karen Robinson

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During this series of ‘Melbourne Street Art Story Weblogs’  I will endeavour to share my personal discovery of Melbourne’s Street Art.  Whilst there is much available to view in the way of images on the web, I hope I can offer a point of difference.  I will be inviting you to productively contribute your opinions and knowledge, in a way that is respectful to the Street Artists featured, and in a way that will add value to this conversation. Please click here to take you to my weblog page which features my “introductory story” and view other featured Melbourne Street Art works photographed by me, as I discover them…

Melbourne:  Thornbury – “Street Art” Photo Story No. 2 – Photographed by Karen Robinson


I came across this Street Artist’s work on the corner of High Street and Raleigh Street, Thornbury, Melbourne, Australia.  This delightful and playful mural has been created by one of Australia’s leading Street Artists – ‘Tom Civil’ painted in 2014 and is called “The Wanderers”.  The mural occupies the entire brick wall, top to bottom and right along the street side of the period style building.  The building its self is occupied by a business called Crisalida who specialise in child, adolescent, adult and family therapy.  I noticed on their signage attached to the building wall, that they also offer art therapy as well as other support services.  This gives some insight as to why this particular Street Artist and Street Art subject matter has been so beautifully presented here on this wall.

When I came across this stretch of Street Art, it struck me as being playful, friendly and with little treasures to be discovered, as I took the time to look over.  It is very Australian in its content.  Whilst viewing the mural, I found these curious little ‘Stick Folk’ playfully inhibiting the Australian bush scene and they are a signature inclusion in most of ‘Tom Civil’ works.  The delicate displaying of red flowers on the Australian eucalyptus river gum trees, brought back childhood memories of good times I spent with my brother and sister playing in the bush.  The Wanderer Butterfly is featured strongly throughout the mural and are known to be ‘people friendly’; meaning they are not afraid of humans. They are native to all areas of Australia and a great choice for this particular mural.  How cleaver of this Street Artist with these depictions, at this particular location.


The Street Art work its self, for me, reflected a sense of delightfulness and warmth; and gives the viewer, a visual invitation to participant in this magical Australian bush world.  I can image children enjoying his mural and it certainly brought the child out in me…l loved this mural of ‘Tom Civil’

I hope you enjoyed viewing this Street Artist’s work, please feel free to leave comments that are respectful to the Street Artist and add value to the conversation…Karen

Whilst you are here – please check out my home page!  My Art Therapy JourneyA window into the soul of an Abstract Artist through art therapy and storytellingby Karen Robinson

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