I Do Art Discussion No. 14 – “Arctic Pole Flatlining”

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National Geographic. (n.d.) Polar Bear on Ice. [Photo I.D. 28044.jpg]. Retrieved October 19, 2014.png

Education National Geographic. (n.d.) Polar Bear on Ice. [Photo I.D. 28044.jpg]. Retrieved October 19, 2014 from education.nationalgeographic.com.png


My ‘art as therapy’ journey, has had me paint, about world-wide issues for which I am greatly concerned about.  Global warming is one of these matters; it can cause the rising of seas, change rainfall patterns, increase likelihood of extreme weather events, lead to the melting of glaciers, contribute to the widespread vanishing of animal populations due to loss of habitat, assist in the spread of disease such as malaria to new, now warmer regions, lead to the bleaching of Coral Reefs due to warming seas and acidification due to carbonic acid formation and loss of Plankton also due to warmer seas (NMSEA.ORG. n.d.).  In action or not enough action will devastate our planet.

The health of polar bears is an indication to the health of their environment (National Geographic. n.d)  According to some researchers, the melting of Arctic ice is ‘stranding and starving polar bears’ which will therefore threaten their future existance (National Geographic. n.d). It was after watching a documentary about the loss of Arctic Polar bear habitat due to the melting of ice at the North Pole, that I really felt compelled to do the following painting.


PAINTING No. 29 – Title “Arctic Pole Flatlining” Acrylic on Canvas Oct/Nov 08     1.2cms Length x 84cms Wide x 3cms Deep



This painting represents the drastic changes to glaciers, an ominous sign of global warming. The Arctic’s ice shelves are melting away and causing rises in sea levels which in turn is changing the home environment of its Arctic animals.

The first upper section of the above painting represents glaciers in their full form and the in between section of the painting represents the gradual melting of them. In the lower section of the painting, the glaciers are melting down; they are flatlining! This ‘flatlining’ as I decided to call it, is a terminology that means ‘to die or be so near death that the display of one’s vital signs on medical monitoring equipment shows a flat line rather than peaks and troughs – to remain at a continuous low level’. The title that I assigned to this painting, seemed most appropriate to me, when taking into account the impact global warming is having and will continue to have, on our planet for generations to come…



In these two documentaries following, Sir David Attenborough highlights the truth about climate change.  I have so must respect for him in the way he has, over so many years, brought to us in our homes via many documentaries, a deeper insight into the importance of valuing our planet and all its inhabitants.

THE TRUTH ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE – David Attenborough (BBC – Part 1)

THE TRUTH ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE – David Attenborough (BBC – Part 1)


Greenpeace International Cartoon titled 'Save the Arctic' Image ID: 10898088_10152757856183300_4632952528617693216_n Reference: https://www.facebook.com/greenpeace.international?fref=nf

Greenpeace International Cartoon titled ‘Save the Arctic’ Image ID: 10898088_10152757856183300_4632952528617693216_n. Retrieved 5th May 2015 Link:  https://www.facebook.com/greenpeace.international?fref=nf



It is interesting to view the world through the eyes of Sir David Attenborough and how over many years he has witness alarming global changes to our planet, just as I have in my own home land of Australia.  His artful documentary productions showcase the wonders of our ‘blue planet’ and just how important it is that we all take care of it for now and for future generations to come after us. It’s our greatest responsiblity…


EcoWatch. (2014). Celebrating small blueplanet.Retreived from Ecowatch.com.jpg

EcoWatch. (2014). Celebrating small blueplanet.Retreived from Ecowatch.com.jpg



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