Art and Creative Writing: “Happy Christmas 2014”

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No. 1 View of 'Happy Christmas' Oil on HW A3 Paper by Abstract Artist Karen Robinson NB All images are subject to copyright laws.JPG

No. 1 View of ‘Happy Christmas’ Oil on HW A3 Paper by Abstract Artist Karen Robinson NB All images are subject to copyright laws.JPG


It’s Christmas Day and early in the morning.  The streets are quiet and no one seems to be out and about, perhaps still snuggled in their beds.  The birds are awake and busily chirping, and the sun is hiding behind some clouds.  The morning is not cold and hints at a warmer day ahead.  Once my husband has risen from is bed and our family dog has had his daily walk, we will firstly set out to visit Fawkner Memorial Park to pay our respects to our son, as it will be now 5 years since his death and five Christmas’ we have not had him here, in our presence.

Afterwards we will spend time at my husband’s mother’s home, where all his brothers and sister gather to have Christmas lunch.  It is usually a very happy and enjoyable time where we laugh a lot, exchange big hugs and kisses and enjoy each others company.  My daughter with her husband joins us in the late afternoon, after having lunch with her husband’s family.  I look forward to seeing her, look forward to seeing her smile, and seeing her with her husband, seeing her with her Nana, Aunty, Uncles, Cousins and us her mum and dad, seeing how much she belongs amongst these good people.  It is also a time where I find myself contemplating how fortunate we all are and how much I cherish these yearly opportunities to share as we do…

Boxing day is the day my side of the family get together, and is another day where hugs and kisses are shared, along with another big festive lunch and the exchanging of gifts.  This is very much a time, where as a family, we do a big catch up and there is lots of story telling, laughing and sharing of precious time…

I try to take lots of photos on these occasions.  Photos are important to me as they capture small pockets of memories that can be revisited, when the memory fails to recall, these ever so special moments.

So from my family to your family, I wish you all the very best today – Christmas time with family and friends is such a precious gift of time for sharing…Karen Robinson


Whilst you are here – please check out my home page!  My Art Therapy JourneyA window into the soul of an Abstract Artist through art therapy and storytellingby Karen Robinson

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