Art Therapy Humour – “When you just gotta get it out – on a wall!”

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Over the last five years, I have been using art for therapy, so my story comes from the practice of art for therapy as an individual visual artist/story-teller/photo-taker and also as a participant within art therapy groups; and not from a professional art therapist stance. But in saying this, I feel I have been learning from personal experience the practices and benefits of said, in a way that has given me an insightful understanding of its incredible ability to improve ones sense of wellbeing.

When it came to deciding to blog about my art for therapy journey – I firstly struggled to make the final decision, to blog about this most vulnerable part of my life, with honesty and an openness that would bare my soul to the ‘world-wide web’; to be fearless. The outcome has been just amazing from many different perspectives. It has been, and continues to be, one of the most rewarding things I have done in my life. I approach each blog with a great sense of being real and true to myself, in the hope that by sharing, will inspire others to take up art for therapy, in order to improve their sense of wellbeing – it has improved mine.

The cartoon above – I thought was very cleaver, and just so relevant to today’s 21st Century ‘world-wide web’ we use to communicate with each other. These wonderful cavemen caricatures, created by the cartoonist, helps to demonstrate just how far we have come, yet not really – we still seek to write/draw/communication on a ‘wall’!

I wish you all, the very best in your artful quests/endeavours … sincerely Karen


Ref:  Cartoon –

Whilst you are here – please check out my my home page!  I hope you will continue to join on my art therapy journey…Karen Robinson

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