Poetry and Prose: “Feeling Vulnerable” written by Karen Robinson

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“Ben was killed in a single vehicle car crash on the 5th November, 2009. He was driving at 140 kilometers per hour, had 0.08 Blood-Alcohol-Content, hit a kangaroo, lost control of his vehicle and crashed into two trees at approximately 1am in the night. He was discovered dead by his motor vehicle by a fellow workmate a couple of hours after his death. Ben was aged 25 and died three weeks before his 26th birthday. Ben was a beautiful, loving young man but had a history of driving offenses that meant as his mother I feared the worst might happen, and it did. In memory of our dear son Ben, we wish you were still here with us today, you are missed by us all – everyday. All our love son….mum xxx”. Written by Karen Robinson NB: All images and written content is copyright protected..JPG




This week I was asked by ABC 774 if I would like to do an interview with them about road safety and road trauma. To talk about the work that I myself and so many other people at Road Trauma Support Services do every day – in the hope that these efforts will save lives and reduce serious injury caused by road trauma.  The interview was directly in response to a dreadful car crash that had occurred just this week where a 15-year-old boy had been killed, two young girls critically injured and two others injured in a single car crash.  This below is the interview sound cloud produced by TAC Victoria with Raf Epstein – DRIVE Program ABC 774 featuring myself as the interviewee.





It is never easy talking about road safety and road trauma, especially when it directly relates to my son, about his sudden and tragic death caused by road trauma on the 5th November 2009.  Just before speaking with Raf Epstein I found myself pensive, and during the interview itself, I found my voice quivering uncontrollably.  Afterwards, that night I couldn’t sleep.  Based on these reactions I was experiencing – I decided to attend my scheduled Creative Writing Session with Judy Bird our facilitator.  This group of people whom have become friends over the years is where I shared a Prose Poem I wrote that very morning about how I was feeling about my radio interview experience.  I was very comforted by the fact that all understood that at anytime I publicly talk about my son Ben and my family’s road trauma story – there is a price that is exacted. I feel my prose poem as shown here below does help to convey that fact.  I am also conscious of the fact that many other parents that have experienced the loss a child through road trauma would possibly have similar feelings, thoughts and emotions.


 — Feeling Vulnerable —

 Why am I feeling this way?
 I've done this many times before.
 I have spoken about my son,
 and his tragedy,
 so many times before.
 Was it the statement 
 the father made,
 saying it was not a tragedy?
 Did that cut right through my heart?
 Here I am again - vulnerable.
 My grief and despair
 exposed like an open wound
 that will never heal.
 My voice quivers
 as I talk. It's hardly noticeable to others,
 I think, but for me it is loud
 and demanding of my attention. 
 It is uncontrollable.
 I state the facts.
 I talk of the families
 that will now be hurting.
 I am hurting.
 How can I make it stop?
 It will never stop.
 My son is no longer here.
 His death - sudden,
 violent and unnecessary.
 Here I am again - vulnerable.
 But it will pass until the next time
 my heart is torn open.
 – ο –

 Prose Poem by Karen Robinson © October 2016
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Ben James Robinson NB All images are protected by copyright laws

Ben James Robinson 16.11.83 to 5.11.2009  NB All images are protected by copyright laws




Sharing my prose poem with the members of the Creative Writing Group, a safe space created by the facilitator, Judy Bird, very much ensured I was feeling well supported. It ensured I was OK and I was!  Creative writing for therapy at its best I feel…



© Karen Robinson – October 2016

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