Poetry and Prose: “Bourke Street” written by Karen Robinson

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Melbourne, Victoria - Australia- 'Floral tributes at the Bourke Street Mall' photographed by Karen Robinson_www.idoartkarenrobinso.com_2201700320170125 NB: All images are protected by copyright laws.

Melbourne, Victoria – Australia ‘Floral tributes at the Bourke Street Mall’.  A single pink heart sits above the sea of floral tributes left in memory of those killed in road trauma 20th January, 2017.   Photographed by Karen Robinson_www.idoartkarenrobinson.com.  NB: All images are protected by copyright laws.




Just recently I attended Writers Victoria’s workshop titled ‘Poetry The Foundations’ at the Wheeler Centre, Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne – Australia.  The day long session was conducted by Ali Alizadehtutor. The workshop covered: “(1) what is poetry, and what makes it a unique form of writing; (2) what is contemporary poetry; (3) what are the most important forms of poetry in Australia today; (4) how to begin and complete writing a poem; and (5) how to find an audience for our poetry” (Writers Victoria 2017).



During the second half of the day, we were given the opportunity to write our own poem/prose based on a selection of prompts given to the group by Ali.  I chose ‘Bourke Street’ as this immediately resonated with me, as it did with others in the group as well. Melbourne on 20 January, 2017 experienced a dreadful road trauma event in the heart of our city and had deeply affected Victorians.  After the session, I walked to the Bourke Street Mall where there laid thousands of Floral Tributes. It was a very sad sight and deeply moving…

After further work on my prose poem, I felt I had reached a point where no more needed to be done, or at least no more that I wanted to do.  I titled the prose poem ‘Bourke Street’ and is featured here below.


— Bourke Street —


the news charged

into my space

demanding my

immediate attention

my response

‘no - not in my town

my city’


now from within me

the memory of my son

killed in road trauma

my senses heightened

I find myself again


‘no - not in my town

my city’

this Bourke Street driver


and maimed

without a thought

one baby

one child

and 4 others

run down,


in my town,

my city.

Melbourne now mourns

cries in disbelief

while loved ones

crumble in their despair

yes — in my town,

my city.

- o - 

Prose Poem © Karen Robinson - January 2017

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To those who lost loved ones on that day, my deepest condolences.  To those who experienced injury, I wish for you a speedy recovery, and to the family and friends directly impacted by this dreadful act – my thoughts are with you…


NB:  A special thank you to Judy Bird who continues to provide me with ongoing support with my creative writing efforts.


© Karen Robinson – February 2017

Whilst you are here – please check out my home page!  Post-traumatic Growth – My Art Therapy JourneyA window into the soul of an Abstract Artist through art therapy, photography and storytellingby Karen Robinson

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