Media 2017: “Abnormal Psychology Book Cover Artwork”

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Karen Robinson at Home Art Studio holding book titled 'Abnormal Psychology' featuring on the front cover her original painting titled 'For Ones' Well-being' March 2017 NB: All images are copyright protected

Karen Robinson at Home Art Studio holding book titled ‘Abnormal Psychology’ featuring on the front cover her original painting titled ‘For Ones’ Well-being’ March 2017 NB: All images are copyright protected




During mid 2016 I received an email from Gail Buschman, Senior Graphic Designer of Sage Publishing, an international academic publisher based in Thousand Oaks, California.  They were interested in using one of my images ‘Abstract Painting No. 64 – Titled ‘For One’s Well-being on the cover of a forthcoming textbook; and the Second Edition of William J Ray’s ‘Abnormal Psychology‘ – Pennsylvania State University.  They asked if I would be interested in licensing it to them for book publishing, specifically for print and electronic book cover and website landing page header, circulation 20,000, geography – world rights, duration 7 year license/usage from publication date, exposure 1 language, inclusive of a credit line on the back cover.  After some discussions with family and friends, and after becoming a member with Copyright Agency/Viscopy – I agreed.





Abnormal Psychology written by William J Ray - Second Edition

‘Abnormal Psychology’  written by William J Ray – Second Edition


In Abnormal Psychology: Perspectives on Human Behavior and Experience Second Edition, William J. Ray brings together current perspectives concerning the manner in which the human mind, behavior, and experience can be understood. In addition to the traditional psychological literature, this book draws from work in the cognitive and affective neurosciences, epidemiology, ethology, and genetics. Ray’s focus is on a unification and integration of the biopsychosocial understandings of human behavior within a broader consideration of human culture and language as it applies to abnormal psychology (Amazon 2017)”






No. 29 of 29 Painting No. 64 Titled 'For One's Well-being' Painting Practice by Abstract Painter Karen Robinson Feb 2016 NB All images are protected by copyright laws

Abstract Painting No. 64 Titled ‘For One’s Well-being’ Painting by Abstract Painter Karen Robinson Feb 2016 NB All images are protected by copyright laws






“This painting titled “For One’s Well-being” has been inspired by the groups of people I have brought into my life through activities such as Art Therapy and Creative Writing provided by Mind Australia; and also my volunteering and paid work that I do with Road Trauma Support Services Victoria.

For the sake of my own well-being, I have found over a course of time, that being part of community groups such as these organisations, has truly helped me gain a better sense of well-being. Within the comfort and security of such organisations, I have witnessed how people have been empowered to voice their feelings, share, reveal, support, encourage each other during times of great difficulty alongside of professional support systems. I have also witnessed how when participants choose to come and join such organisations, they grow strong and more-able to deal with day-to-day difficulties; and I am one of those people.

My painting reflects an image of myself in the foreground, with my support networks in the background. They come from all walks of life; they are family, friends, work mates and community group members whom have been an integral part of my life over recent years, and all have contributed to my ability to reach a healthy mindset. Hence varying colours of difference; and colours with commonality. I couldn’t have got to this place where I am now without their support and this painting is a tribute to them all.”

© Karen Robinson, February 2016



It was pleasing to have this particular artwork of mine used in such a way.  Hopefully this usage will also convey the painting’s story and help contribute to the knowledge base of students and teachers using ‘Abnormal Psychology’ as a learning tool…




© Karen Robinson – March 2017

Whilst you are here – please check out my home page! 

POST-TRAUMATIC GROWTH:  Improving one’s sense of wellbeing using art, creative writing, photography and blogging – my journey written by ©Karen Robinson.  Please click here for my latest blog news!

10 thoughts on “Media 2017: “Abnormal Psychology Book Cover Artwork”

  1. Congratulations, and so well deserved, this recognition. The painting is beautiful and so meaningful, even more since you explained it. And as a tiny note, my son is a graduate of PSU, I enjoyed that connection. You must feel very proud to know this painting will have influence on a lot of people.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Claudia,

      Thank you so much for your words of support. And knowing that the meaning of the painting has helped appreciate the painting itself really makes me happy. The painting story, for me is just as important as the painting itself.

      So good to hear about your son being a graduate of PSU – if I could put a smiley face here I would! And it is just such a wonderful thought that somehow all of my blogging in some small way, in anyway could positively influence others…that is good feeling…sincerely Karen


    • Hi Christine,

      Thank you – it was a lovely surprise to be asked and I was grateful for being given the opportunity. The painting story is something that is just as important to me as the painting, so it makes me happy that you have appreciated it as well…sincerely Karen

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Judy…yes the whole process took a good amount of time for sure but am happy with the quality of the reproduction of the image. They also included an ‘About the Artist’ on the back cover which was very good of Sage Publishing. Thank you once more Judy for all your support and encouragement…sincerely Karen


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