My Volunteering 2018: “Shine a Light on Road Safety” Written by Karen Robinson

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“Shine a Light on Road Safety”






My name is Karen Robinson and my 25-year-old son Ben was killed in a single-car crash outside of Bendigo, Victoria – Australia in November 2009. He was travelling at 140km with a blood alcohol reading of 0.08 when he hit a kangaroo, lost control of his vehicle, and struck two trees.

I said to Ben once, that if he kept up his risky driver behaviour, I might have a police officer knocking at our front door. Unfortunately, that day did come, where our family received the news of Ben’s tragic death, via our local police.

Our family want drivers, and all road users, to think about Ben’s story in the hope that they will be safe and responsible drivers. Ben’s story is a reminder that from the very first drink you consume compromises your ability to make good decisions.

Whilst it is difficult to tell Ben’s story on behalf of my family, knowing that by sharing our family’s road trauma experience, can and does, help others understand better the importance of road safety.  It can help save lives and prevent serious injury caused by road trauma.

If being part of Road Trauma Support Services Victoria’s Organisation, telling my family’s road trauma story, and being part of the education team – can help prevent road trauma from affecting other families, this for us, is a most worthy of causes. This is why campaigns such as Shine a Light on Road Safety are vital; to help people think about what sort of driver/road user they are so that they, don’t end up being their family’s road trauma story…


“Be a safe and responsible driver”

“Don’t be your family’s road trauma story…”


“In loving memory of my son Ben James Robinson –

forever missed”

Written by Karen Robinson April 2018



“Road Trauma Support Services Victoria’s Shine a Light on Road Safety campaign is to raise awareness, to stop deaths and injuries on our roads and to raise funds to support those impacted by road trauma: #shinealightonroadsafety (RTSSV 2018)”.

Friday 4 May motorists are asked to turn on headlights to remember those impacted by road trauma and show your commitment to road safety (RTSSV 2018).

Sunday 6 May there is a community walk at Albert Park Lake to enable community participation in advocating for safer roads (RTSSV 2018).


Australian landmarks will be illuminated in yellow for road safety from Monday 30 April to Sunday 6 May; thanks to the support of key partners including the Victorian Government, the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), VicRoads, Victoria Police and campaign sponsors (RTSSV 2018).


  • Road safety is everyone’s responsibility
  • Giving the community voice about road trauma
  • Our counselling and support services are available free and unlimited to anyone impacted by road trauma (RTSSV 2018).


Road Trauma Support Services Victoria “is a not-for-profit organisation contributing to the safety and wellbeing of Victorian road users. We provide counselling and support to people impacted by road trauma, and address attitudes and behaviours of road users through education. We are committed to educating the community and raising public awareness about road trauma and how it affects people’s lives; we do this in part by sharing personal stories about road trauma (RTSSV 2018)”.



As Ben’s mum – my road safety message for all road users:

Be a safe and responsible driver – don’t be your families road trauma story



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© Karen Robinson – April 2018

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