Creative Writing – 2018 “Ageing Old Is!…” Poem by Karen Robinson

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Each year, I receive an email that reminds me to think about writing a poem and entering it into the University of Canberra Vice-Chancellor’s International Poetry Prize.  So I gave it a go, once more, for this year 2018, with the hope that one day I might be lucky enough to be a finalist.  Well not this year for me!  But on saying this, it really isn’t about writing for a poetry prize but about getting me to sit down and think about putting together a group of words to express a feeling, thought, a moment!  Here below is this year’s effort and it’s about ageing!  It’s about the process of losing one’s youth, about the acceptance of growing old, and about reaching the end of one’s life with the hope that its been a worthy one…




Title:  “Ageing Old Is!” Poem


ageing old is…

bones creaking with osteoarthritis – as their new best friend

aged exhausted muscles constantly reminding the body – not to over stretch

unsightly mottled skin – mirroring years of weather abuse

weakened eyesight tightening focus – while grasping visions with expiry dates

failing dulled memory – showing signs of future incompetence…


ageing old is…

menacing hearing loss – nursing awkward miscommunications

hunched aching back – engaging in old people appearances

arthritic disabling hands – struggling with finite activity

grey loose hair gathering up – in sadden hair brushes

smelly wee collections – in places once pure clean and sweet…


ageing old is…

crusty masses of harden skin – mounting under feet once nimble

bulging belly fat – lazily lounging around body central

facial life lines time-sharing with emotions – of laughter and sullenness

overburdened knees locking – halfway down and halfway up in indecision

flabby weaken arms – gratefully receiving hugs of love and attention…


ageing old is…

brittle coffee stained teeth – sharing smiles of endearment

a stumpy wrinkled ring finger – wearing sacred tarnished wedding band

black annoying hairs on long gone youthful slender legs – now meandering on old

once expensive manicured nails – now surrendering to lack of significant care

blood pumping at high rates of pressure – finding solitude in cholesterol tablets…


ageing old is…

under-active misbehaving thyroid – causing socially unacceptable obesity

vitamin D lacking skin – demanding a daily show-down with the holy sun

unsaddled mammary glands hanging – as a constant reminder of motherhood long past

periodic kind verbal reminders to loved ones – that this time span is limited

a tiredness not of lack of sleep – but from nearing the end of one’s existence…


ageing old is…

a knowing

that this old human ruin – now approaching depletion – has endured a life well spent…



Poem © Karen Robinson – August 2018



It’s another day now and the sun has come out and dried up all the rain … time to go out and play, rejoice and enjoy the one and only life we get to live…


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