Photography 2018 – Birds/Animals: “Greenvale – Woodlands Historical Park” Written and Photographed by Karen Robinson

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“Photography:  Painting and Drawing with Light”






On this photography adventure day, my hubby and I were accompanied by our daughter and grand-daughter at Woodlands Historical Park, Greenvale, Victoria – Australia.  This woodland is a short distance from home and most convenient to both our families.  Here we managed to take photographs of a number of Jacky Dragon Lizards that we had spotted on old dead tree logs.  Martin Tree Swallows swooped above our heads from tree to tree, they were hard to photograph due to their speed but I managed to capture one shot where a parent landed on the end of a hollow in the gum tree where a pair of swallows were nesting.  Laughing Kookaburra’s iconic bird calls alerted us to their present and I was able to spot one high up in one of the many gum trees.  Also managed to photograph an Australian Magpie with food in its peak.  There were also numerous Kangaroos in mobs throughout the woodlands, mostly lazily resting during the warmer part of the day which allowed us to get close enough to photograph without disturbing them.  We had a lovely time with our daughter and grand-daughter while spending time with nature…





During this photography exercise – I used a compact system camera, a Sony A7 Mark II – Full Frame with a Sony A FE24-240mm F3.5-6.3 OSS Lens and my new bird lens, a Sigma150-600mm F5-6.3 DGOS HSM with a Sigma Mount Converter MC-11. For some of these photographs I used the camera hand-held while desperately trying to work out suitable camera settings for fast-moving creatures! For the landscape photography, I used a tripod and I also used my Apple iPhone 8 Plus mobile phone for quick spontaneous photographs and gain GPS location readings.





On my return home, I downloaded all the photographs into Adobe Lightroom Classic CC.  I developed a small selection of photographs During the process of developing them I was able to see what I needed to address during my next photographic adventure.   Please find both above and below, the best of what I took during this photography adventure!





Being out-and-about experiencing the natural wonders of the world and the creatures it inhabits – really does rejuvenate the body and soul.  Photography is just another way to improve one’s sense of wellbeing and at the same time – be creative!


Happy photography all – © Karen Robinson – November 2018


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POST-TRAUMATIC GROWTH:  Improving one’s sense of wellbeing using art, creative writing, photography, blogging and motivational speaking – my journey written by ©Karen Robinson.  Please click here for my latest blog news!

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