Creative Writing – 2018 “Collective Union of One for All Poem!…” Poem by Karen Robinson

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“The above painting, one I painted back in 2016, I have chosen to accompany the below poem. It reflects an image of myself in the foreground, with my support networks in the background. They come from all walks of life; they are family, friends, work mates and community group members whom have been an integral part of my life over recent years, and all have contributed to my ability to reach a healthy mindset. Hence varying colours of difference; and colours with commonality. I couldn’t have got to this place where I am now without their support and this painting is a tribute to them all.”





Last year 2018 – I received an email from the Overland with a request for poems.  The 2018 Poem theme was to be based around: ‘new collective, old struggles’; up to 88 lines; and entry to the Fair Australia Prize was free.  The poem was to be about: “What does unionism mean to people today? What should be its objectives? How can we come together to make real change, now and into the future? (Overland 2018)”.  I struggled a little with this theme.  Sadly it was not a successful entry but does not matter, it still serves as a way to be creative



Collective Union of One for All!

Show us a place where – we can be more than an isolated one
Show us a place where – we can be part of a greater us
Show us a place where – imaginings become real possibilities
Show us a place where – our future is stable kind and meaningful
Show us a place where – we can find a collective union of one for all…

Bring us to there – so we can fight our struggles not alone but united
Bring us to there – so we can realize our life in full
Bring us to there – so we are both humble and strong
Bring us to there – so we are valued for our human worth
Bring us to there – so we can find a collective union of one for all…

Let us – shed old selfish ways of thinking
Let us – give up on wealth for needless material accumulation
Let us – share our advantages of experience
Let us – have grandiose ideas about equality for everyone
Let us – be a collective union of one for all…

Now we are – believing what seemed illusive
Now we are – capable of enriching the lives of those united
Now we are – seeing real justice with an intent to nurture
Now we are – being what we dreamed in the dead of night
Now we are – a collective union of one for all…

Our future is – rich with expectations of a life that generations will treasure
Our future is – a union of people who care about what truly matters
Our future is – an investment in humankind
Our future is – a collective union of one for all-and-all for one!


Poem © Karen Robinson – August 2018



These days I only write poems when I feel a great need to!  Photography has filled the gap in my heart – thus ticking the happy box whenever possible.


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4 thoughts on “Creative Writing – 2018 “Collective Union of One for All Poem!…” Poem by Karen Robinson

  1. I think this poem speaks to something I have sought all my life – a sense of belonging. Only recently have I begun to feel something approaching it. I am not trying to sound sympathy-seeking – I am always going to be very independent. But I like the feeling that there can be trust in life that is new to me. Your poem expresses many things I hope for. And I love seeing your painting again.

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    • HI Claudia…

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my poem. To take the time to even ponder its meaning and relate it to your own life – is a huge compliment, and I am humbled by such an action. Poems can be deeply personal, offer insights not only to the viewer/reader but to the author as well – and to share outwardly and someone read and take something from it – just so good!…sincerely Karen

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