Painting No. 45A – “The Life of Our Son Ben” by Abstract Artist Karen Robinson – 2010 All images are protected by copyright laws!

Painting No. 45A – Title “The Life of Our Son Ben” Jan/June 2010
Acrylic on Canvas
91cms Length x 91cms Wide x 3cms Deep
Painting Story: Our only son Ben was born on the 16/11/83 and died in a car crash 5/11/09 at the age of just 25, a number of days before his 26th Birthday. I had to do a painting to celebrate his life. To know that the time Ben was here with us was a treasure shared with so many. Ben was loved and cherished and will be missed so much by all but mostly by us his mum (me), his dad and his sister. In memory of Ben and his life with us – we love you Ben…
Each band of colour represents a year of Ben’s life from a baby, toddler-hood, small child, teenager through to becoming a fully grown young man. Each colour represents the different emotions, feelings, experiences, growth Ben achieved in his 25 years with us. The spheres represent the worlds of people he had in his life from his own family of us (mum, dad and sister and his sister’s partner – now husband), extended family of Nana, pa (deceased), aunties, uncles and cousins, work colleagues, first love, last love, other girlfriends and his best of mates. In loving memory of our Ben…
Abstract Artist: Karen Robinson
NB: All images are protected by copyright laws!

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