Photography 2023 – My Favourites for the Year 2022: “Landscapes, Seascapes, Woodlands and Waterfalls”

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My 2022 Photography Favourites: It’s been a big year in many ways and my photography adventures with my family have been a fantastic way of staying connected with nature. It has also helped me to improve my photography skills and share these endeavours with others. These are a small selection of my favourite landscapes, seascapes, and woodlands photographs I have taken within the State of Victoria – Australia where I live.  Images were taken over in 2022 throughout Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. 

Thank you all for your support throughout 2022…greatly appreciated – Karen Robinson 





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Photography is just another way to improve one’s sense of well-being and at the same time – be creative. Being out and about experiencing the natural wonders of the world and the creatures it inhabits is a real privilege for sure. It really does rejuvenate the body and soul.

Happy photography all – © Karen Robinson – January 2023

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POST-TRAUMATIC GROWTH:  Improving one’s sense of well-being using art, creative writing, photography, blogging, and motivational speaking – my journey written by ©Karen Robinson.  Please click here for my latest blog news!

2 thoughts on “Photography 2023 – My Favourites for the Year 2022: “Landscapes, Seascapes, Woodlands and Waterfalls”

    • Thank you for commenting – appreciated! And yes, I don’t think I have ever seen Victoria so green. One of the things I noticed in years long gone was how dry our State of Victoria had become over time. While the greening of Victoria has been wonderful It’s been a big struggle for so many with excess rainfalls being responsible for flooding causing loss of life, loss of livelihoods and much property damage. Again – thank you for taking the time to comment…warm regards Karen


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