Photography 2023 – Documentary Photography: “Seymour Railway Heritage Centre Open Day, Seymour, Victoria – Australia” Written and Photographed by Karen Robinson

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INTRODUCTION – Update on my blogging habits…

Getting back into blogging has been a struggle for me.  That doesn’t mean I haven’t been undertaking many photography adventures with my hubby and on some occasions with my daughter and granddaughter – it just means that after COVID in recent years, I got out of the discipline of doing them regularly.  For those of you interested in what I have been periodically photographing – please visit me on my Instagram account where I regularly upload images.

My photographic interests have mainly consisted of landscape, seascape, nature, garden, bird, animal, and street photography which I will still very much maintain but of late am also including more documentary-style photography as well!  Here below is my latest documentary style of photography effort. Hoping those who have followed my blog in the past will accept my apologies for my infrequency. Thank you to all who have taken an interest, it is greatly appreciated.


During this photography adventure to Seymour Railway Heritage Centre Open Day 2023 (Victoria, Australia) – I was mindful of colour, shapes, contrasts, leading lines and especially how natural light helped to tell a photographic story. During the development of each image in Lightroom Classic, I took care to remove ‘noise’ wherever possible, highlight points of interest and hopefully capture moments in time that help tell the story of the day’s adventure. Following are the photographs I took on the day.


Photography overall – is just another way to improve my sense of well-being and at the same time – helps me be creative. Being out and about experiencing the natural wonders of the world and the creatures it inhabits is a real privilege for sure. It really does rejuvenate the body and soul. The inclusion of documentary-style photography is helping me to expand on my existing photography skills and ensures my creative endeavours remain a strong focus in my life and in turn, makes me happy…

Happy photography all – © Karen Robinson – May 2023

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2 thoughts on “Photography 2023 – Documentary Photography: “Seymour Railway Heritage Centre Open Day, Seymour, Victoria – Australia” Written and Photographed by Karen Robinson

  1. Glad to see you again. I enjoyed this visual visit and the flow of the day as expressed through your photos. I was especially noticing the thread of colorfulness and pattern through your story. It looks like a great place to tour.

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    • Hi Claudia…thank you for commenting – much appreciated! Yes…trying to get back into blogging and your feedback was noted. Over the years, I have been updating my camera equipment and knowledge/understanding of how to get the best from them. So it was great to be at an event where I could practice my skills and where people and places were jointly part of the story. Along with working with different lighting conditions – it was a good day outing for me and hubby. Again – thank you for stopping by and taking a look at my photography work…warm regards Karen

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