Photography 2021 – Seascape: “Lorne-Queenscliff Coastal Reserve, Victoria – Australia” Written and Photographed by Karen Robinson

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This photography adventure entailed going back to a region we had visited some time ago along the Great Ocean Road, Lorne-Queenscliff Coastal Reserve Region, Victoria – Australia.  We arrived sometime before sunrise at Devil’s Elbow.  It was a beautifully mild summer morning, clear sky, no traffic or people, just us and the seascape.  Once I had finished taking my sunrise shots from this location, we headed towards Lorne itself to Bert Alsop Track which runs closely beside the beachfront that includes large spans of rockpools.

Above Photograph:  The above seascape photograph features lovely views from a roadside stop.  Here I was able to stand on a small ledge with my tripod and camera and took this shot above!

Below Photograph:  The below seascape photograph was on the beach itself.  Lovely stretches of sand and rockpools in the foreground and petty blue sky and ocean made for a perfect summertime photograph of this region.


Below Photographs:  The below seascape photograph of a wide stretch of rock pools, ocean and mountain ranges in the distant helped to showoff the patterning of these rockpools.  The single person walking off along the sandy beachfront also helps to show scale and vastness.  In the distance, a soft mist hung along the coastline creating a beautiful mystical feel to the image.


Below Photographs:  The seascape photograph below was taken just as the sunrise happened at Devil’s Elbow.  It was difficult to position myself and the tripod in a good spot at this location as was situated on the edge of a cliff – did the best I could!


Below Photographs:  The seascape photographs below include one of my hubby looking out over the ocean and another of me positioned on the ledge of the cliffs taking photographs while the sun was rising over the ocean.




Photography is just another way to improve one’s sense of wellbeing and at the same time – be creative. Being out-and-about experiencing the wonders of the world and the creatures it inhabits is a real privilege for sure. It really does rejuvenate the body and soul.

Happy photography all – © Karen Robinson – February 2021

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POST-TRAUMATIC GROWTH:  Improving one’s sense of wellbeing using art, creative writing, photography, blogging and motivational speaking – my journey written by ©Karen Robinson.  Please click here for my latest blog news!

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    • Hi Claudia, Thank you so much for taking a look and commenting. It was such a beautiful morning on location and so peaceful. During these troubling times, it was a wonderful way of putting all that aside and just enjoying the moment. Hope all is going OK in your world, take care and thank you once again…sincerely Karen

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